Introduction to Positive Reinforcement Course

This workshop with Shawna Karrasch is approximately 5.5 hours each day for a total of just under 11 hours worth of valuable info on positive reinforcement training. You will be able to listen in as Shawna chats live with the people who attended the event virtually and were able to ask pertinent questions as she works with our horses at home.

Is your relationship with your horse the way you want it to be?

Let's face it, sometimes our horse's behavior can be very frustrating when things don't go the way we had hoped. The good news is, there are always solutions. Using positive reinforcement in a systematic way will help you to teach your horse to settle and relax in all sorts of different scenarios from handling for the vet/farrier to managing stress at a horse shows and trail riding. 

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$349 for a limited time 

Shawna Karrasch

Shawna Karrasch started using positive reinforcement (R+) when she worked at Sea World in San Diego with marine mammals. For ten years she was immersed in using R+ in a systematic way, teaching complex behaviors to many species. You cannot, after all, coerce a whale or sea lion to do anything they don't want to do! From there, she developed a love of horses and jumped into that world by working first with show jumping phenoms, John and Beezie Madden. 

Since then, Shawna has worked with other Olympians and top athletes as well as casual horse owners whose primary goal is having a loving companion. 

Shawna has been instrumental in sharing this applied learning theory with the horse world and was an original pioneer. R+ has taken off from the work she began back in the 90's and this method of training has grown a hundred fold thanks to what she started. She is a fun and highly engaging speaker with a gift for clearly explaining the science and theory. 

Not too many of us came to horses learning any other way except traditionally. Shawna's marine mammal background gives her a completely unique perspective on teaching both people and animals. Her expertise in the field of equine behavior is second to none.

Jessie Hillegas

Jessie Hillegas started riding traditionally as a child and continued through adulthood learning from some of the top hunter and jumper trainers in the industry. She worked for large A show  hunter/jumper barns on the east coast where duties included training young horses from the ground up, coaching Bucknell University's Equestrian Team, teaching their regular lesson program beginner through advanced, riding/preparing the made show horses for competition, and catch riding. 

After 20 years of total immersion in the show world, Jessie started her own Warmblood breeding and training business out of her home in Pennsylvania. She has bred top hunters who have won prizes at venues such as Warrenton, Upperville and the Devon Horse Show. 

Jessie became disenchanted with the show world when one of the foals she bred was sold and went on to a program that caused the filly to become seemingly unhappy and angry with the world. Mishandling of this young and talented filly caused great distress and created dangerous and unpredictable behavior. The owners sent her back to Jessie and desperate to bring her back to her sweet self, Jessie started to implement positive reinforcement after other training methods were exhausted. With Shawna's help, Jessie was able to take the filly who had PTSD-like behavior and change her neural pathways so that she is back to being pleasant and loving again. 

After this, Jessie understood positive reinforcement was going to be a mainstay in her training business. Addy represents those horses who are labeled as hopeless and dangerous and we now know there can often be a path forward with these horses.

From there, Shawna and Jessie formed a friendship which later grew into a partnership and it became their focus to spread the word of positive reinforcement to as many horse people as will listen… particularly the show world who are hesitant to embrace it. Things have come a long way so that this training is growing exponentially now and we are thrilled to be able to share what we have learned coming from two very distinct, yet complementary backgrounds with you! So please come and join us!

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Whether your goals are simply to have a relaxing trail ride with your horse or to compete at upper level competition, we will help you get there. 

"If any behavior increases and/or maintains in frequency, something is reinforcing it… end of story."

~Shawna KaRRASCH

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Shawna is a pioneer in the use of Positive Reinforcement Training with horses. Her powerful and humane behavioral training techniques are an eye-opening experience for equine professionals, competitors, and amateurs alike. She has produced books and videos, and traveled worldwide to teach the concepts of bridge conditioning and positive reinforcement for horses.

Is it possible to take positive reinforcement under saddle?


Learn all about taking positive reinforcement under saddle in a systematic, safe, and fun way. Learn to have a more willing and engaged partnership with your horse while still getting serious things done in the saddle. See the purchase opportunity when you checkout. Bundle and save!

Cassidy Lehigh

“At first I didn't really grasp the depths to which positive reinforcement could help my horses. Once I saw how it was changing the way their brains processed what they were being taught, I was hooked. Its changed my business. I use it to help with spookiness, relaxation, going forward, slowing down, improving their jump and so much more. To say it's improved our lives tremendously is an understatement.”

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